Our Oilcloth is GENUINE!

Posted by Anna Marino on

Did you know the back of flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths (deceitfully called “oilcloth”) is a disposable material and may not last you the summer? Our oilcloth here at OilclothByTheYard.com is 100% genuine! That means the back of our oilcloth is a poly-cotton scrim, which is wipe-able, waterproof, and won't slide around. Take a look below at the back of our fabric! The image on the left is the poly-cotton scrim of our genuine oilcloth, shown here in Bloom Orange, while the image on the right is flannel-backed vinyl.


The textured grid is designed especially to keep your oilcloth from sliding or moving around. Our genuine oilcloth will not fall apart and both sides are easy to clean. Unlike the flannel backing, you can even clean the back of our oilcloth with scrubbing disinfecting wipes. Need help choosing a print for your DIY project? The GENUINE oilcloth experts at OilclothByTheYard.com can help!


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