How to Measure a Table for the Right Size Tablecloth!

Posted by Anna Marino on has just what you need to make a tablecloth that fits whatever size table you have. Measuring your table is super easy to determine the right amount of oilcloth needed is super easy. Here are some simple instructions:


If you have a Round table, you should measure straight across the middle.

If you have a Square table, just measure one of the sides, end to end. (All sides on a square are equal.)
If you have a Rectangle table, measure the length from end to end and width from end to

If you have an Oval table, measure the longest part of the length of the table from end to end and the widest part of the width from end to end.


Once you have your table dimensions, it is time to add drop or overhang. The size of your tablecloth should not be the size of your table, unless you do not want any drop.
The standard drop measurement is more or less 4-12 inches, but it all depends on your preference.
No matter what table shape you have, you need to add your drop length on BOTH
sides. If you add drop to one side, you will only have half of what your intended drop.


Here are some examples on how to correctly calculate your drop for the correct size tablecloth:
You have a Round table that measures 35” and you want 6” drop. Add 12” to your table size (6” for one half, 6” for the other half). You would need to make 47” round tablecloth.

You have a Square table that measures 33x33” and you want 7” drop. Add 14” to both the length and width. You would need to make a 47x47” square tablecloth.

You have a Rectangle table that measures 45x62” and you want 5” drop. Add 10”

to both the length and width. You would need to make a 55x72” rectangle tablecloth. This is the same case for an oval table.

You have a table that measures 48x72” and do not want any drop or overhang. You would need to make 48x72” rectangle tablecloth.


Still need some help? Contact with your table dimensions and desired drop and the oilcloth experts can help!


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