Frequently Asked Questions - Your questions answered by the Oilcloth Experts™

- How wide is your fabric? What if I need wider fabric than what is shown?

Most of our fabrics are 47" wide but we have some that are 55" wide too. The wide fabrics are in the section 55" Wide Fabric. You can also check the description for each product. If you need wider fabric we can make you a tablecloth in any size you need. Check out our other website We can make it in any print, size, color, shape,  you need!


- How many yards are on a roll?

12 yards


- Can I buy less than a yard? A yard and a half? 

We only sell Oilcloth in whole yard increments


- If I order 8 yards of one print, will I receive 8 one-yard cuts?

No. It will come in one long piece. 


- How can I remove wrinkles or fold marks?

Simply unfold your fabric. Lay your fabric out on a table or flat surface. The wrinkles and folds fall out especially fast in a table in the sun!


- Can I iron my fabric?

No. We do not recommend using an iron on the fabric. We noticed some "experts" on the internet state this is okay - but it is not. You may not notice the deterioration immediately, but if you iron your oilcloth it will not last as long as it should.


- What type of thread, sewing machine, or special equipment do I need? Will it damage my sewing machine?

No, it will not damage your machine. There are many misconceptions about sewing with Oilcloth. Regular thread will work just fine. No special equipment is needed, just a standard sewing machine. Using a Teflon foot can help if you are in a humid area, but it is not necessary. 


- Will Oilcloth fray? Do I have to finish the edges? Do I need special cutters or a rotary blade?

No! You can use a regular pair of scissors to cut it. It will never fray. You can finish the edges if you want to, however it is not necessary, since oilcloth doesn't fray!


- How do I clean my oilcloth?

This is the best part! No need to launder! All you have to do is wipe it clean! You can simply use soap and a sponge or dish cloth, then rise or if you have a favorite kitchen spray cleaner,  you can use it too! Simply spray, then rinse. 


 - I detect a small scent. How can I get rid of this?

Not always, but sometimes there is a faint scent to Oilcloth and a lot of people love it. If you're one of those who don't, no worries! All you need to do is unfold the fabric, put it outside on a table and it will dissipate quickly.