Frequently Asked Questions - Answered by the Oilcloth Experts™



  • How wide is your fabric? What if I need wider fabric than what is shown?

Most of our fabrics are 47" wide but we have some that are 55" wide too. You can see all 55” wide in the - 55” wide fabric category. Everything is marked, so if you’re unsure, check the title and/or the description.

If you need wider fabric, check out our other website FreckledSage.com, we can make a tablecloth in any size you need.


  • How many yards are on a roll?

12 yards.


  • Can I buy less than a yard? A yard and a half? 24 inches?

We only sell in whole yard increments. However we will gladly cut to the size you need.


  • If I order multiple yards of one print, will I receive one-yard cuts, or one long piece?

You will receive one long piece. We sell our fabric in continuous lengths.


  • What is on the back of Oilcloth? Is it flannel?

Our genuine Oilcloth has a poly-cotton scrim on the back, like cheese cloth. Any flannel backed fabrics are not genuine oilcloth.


  • Does Oilcloth have lots of bad chemicals like BPA?

Oilcloth is BPA, and lead free.  

  • I’m looking for a print that I don’t see online. Did you remove it? Where is it?

Everything we have is online. If you cannot find a print, it may have been discontinued. If you have any doubts, simply give us a call at 610-888-2037 or send us an email: Sales@OilclothByTheYard.com


  • How can I remove wrinkles or fold marks?

Unfold your fabric and lay it on a table or flat surface. Give it some time. Let the warmth of the room and gravity do it's thing! The wrinkles and folds go away faster in the sun.


  • Can I iron my fabric?

No, we do not recommend using an iron. This will ruin the fabric’s finish.


  • Can I put my fabric in the washing machine?

No, we do not recommend washing your fabric in a washing machine. It is not meant to be laundered that way. Simply wipe clean with your favorite soap or cleaning spray, and a sponge or cloth. Oh and no worries, you can use bleach products without affecting the textile. Follow the instructions on the spray clean bootle.


  • How do I clean my fabric?

All you have to do is wipe it clean! Simply wipe clean with your favorite soap or cleaning spray, and a sponge or cloth.


  • What type of thread, sewing machine, or special equipment do I need? Will it damage my sewing machine?

There are many misconceptions about sewing with Oilcloth. No special equipment is needed, just a standard sewing machine. Using a Teflon foot can make sewing easier. Regular thread will work just fine. Oilcloth will not damage your machine.


  • Will Oilcloth fray? Do I have to finish the edges? Do I need special cutters or a rotary blade?

One of the many great things about Oilcloth is that it does not fray. You can use a regular pair of scissors, or fabric scissors if you prefer. You can finish the edges if you want to, however it is not necessary.


  • I detect a small scent. How can I get rid of this? Is this dangerous?

Sometimes Oilcloth has a minor scent. Most people don’t mind it. If you do not like it, no worries, it does not last long. Unfold your fabric and put it on a table (preferably) in the sun. Alternatively, you can use your favorite soap or cleaning spray to neutralize the scent. No need to fear, just like any other textile, Oilcloth has a scent.  






  • How is my fabric shipped?

 We ship via UPS or USPS. If you select UPS, your order will ship on a tube. If you select USPS, your order will ship folded in an envelope or box. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible. All orders ship with minimal packaging, and an invoice. Both are recyclable, so please recycle when they’re no longer needed.


  • How much is shipping?

 USPS: Up to 4 yards folded - $10.95

           Up to 15 yards folded - $17.95

UPS rates are based on weight and your location. For a pricing, go to checkout and add your address. The next page will show shipping prices.


  • I do not want my fabric folded. How can I get my order?

 During checkout, select any UPS service and it will ship on a tube.


* I provided an incorrect ship to address, looks like it was returned to sender. What happens now?

We ask that you provide us with an accurate ship to address. If an order is returned to us due to invalid address, you will need to pay to reship the order.





  • I want to return my order. How can I do this?

 We do not do returns on yardage. You can exchange rolls. The roll has to be unused and returned in the original packaging. You must contact us and send it back within 1 week after the day you received your original order. We do not pay for exchanges. You are responsible for shipping both ways as well as a restocking fee.


  • How long until my order ships?

 Orders are fulfilled in the order they were received, unless you paid for upgraded shipping during checkout. If you paid for standard shipping, you should have your order within a week. If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know.


  • I’d like to place a wholesale order. How can I do this?

 Please go to our wholesale page. You can access this link on the bottom of any page.


  • I ordered my fabric 1 day before a holiday with standard shipping and didn’t get it in time. Can I call you and scream?

 No, sorry.