Calla Lily Light Blue Oilcloth

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Add a brilliant touch of nature to your decor with our Calla Lily Light Blue Oilcloth. This fabric showcases graceful white calla lilies intertwined with lush green ivy on a serene light blue background. Perfect for creating a sophisticated yet vibrant ambiance. Made from 100% genuine oilcloth, this material is incredibly durable, weatherproof, and easy to clean. Ideal for use as a narrow table cover, floor mat, concert or picnic mat, or even outdoor pillows. The possibilities are endless!


  • Pattern: White calla lilies and green ivy
  • Color Scheme: White and green on a light blue background
  • Size: 33 inches x 84 inches
  • Durability: Weatherproof and washable
  • Care Instructions: Simply wipe clean with a soapy sponge
  • Special Note: Only one piece left!