Bouquet Pink Oilcloth

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Infuse your projects with a touch of brilliance using our Bouquet Pink Oilcloth. Featuring delicate blue and white flowers on a charming pink background, this oilcloth is perfect for adding a feminine and cheerful touch to any space. Whether creating playful tablecloths, vibrant kitchen accessories, or adorable picnic blankets, this oilcloth is designed for durability and ease of care. It’s weatherproof, washable, and simple to clean with a soapy sponge, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Pattern: Delicate blue and white flowers
  • Color Scheme: Pink background
  • Width: 47 inches
  • Durability: Weatherproof and washable
  • Care Instructions: Easy to clean with a soapy sponge
  • Available Sizes: Sold by the yard (47" wide) or in a 12-yard roll (47" wide)